Persistence Equals Power

One year ago, September 2012, I began producing. The thrill of doing something new and fresh had me excited to get up everyday and create something. I didn’t really know what I was doing, but I was making sounds, so I was satisfied. After awhile, the thrill of doing something new began to wear off and it wasn’t as “fun” as it was at the beginning. 

What was beginning to happen was I began to make strides and learn new techniques, and I began to realize that what I had previously produced was not good … at all. It was tough to accept and made me doubt my abilities. This is something I really enjoy and see myself doing, yet if I am not good enough, I’ll never make it. 

You know what else will keep me from making it? Self Doubt. Lack of confidence. Quitting. The progress began to slow, as I had made significant strides, yet I was then in the phase of sharpening the new skills I had acquired, so there wasn’t as much learning as there was honing. Though, the more I worked at it, the more I began to notice slight improvements and gather more confidence.

When I first started, and even still today, a whole year later, I would create instrumentals “by accident”. I would just play around with sounds, and play around some more, until I started to craft a homogeneous blend of instrumentation. As I mentioned before, this still occurs today; However, I do possess a skill I did not have one year ago. I can go into the studio with an idea and create something based off of a concept. That, I gained with technique and confidence. 

This is not to brag about being an expert, because I am far from that and still have so much to learn, but I am proud to say that after a whole year I have quite the assortment of productions that I’ve put together. I’ll post links to the work that I’ve publicized.


December 2012:

May 2013:


Push on. Only you can stop you.


Weekly Throwback: “Keep Your Head Up” Through Times of Anguish


I’d like to personally send condolences out to all those killed in the Connecticut and Oregon shootings. These attacks are cruel and cowardly. Guns don’t kill, people do … cowardly people.

It’s truly sad. I’ve been up all week with nightmares about this kind of stuff happening. I was really hoping to be wrong. This 2012 apocalypse phenomenon was setting the world up to fail. I firmly believe that the Earth is not going to end on the 21st of this month. However, some individuals are making it their mission to see that it does, one way or another. This is a morbid winter. I’m finding it harder and harder to smile everyday, but live your lives so that these lives lost aren’t lost in vain. Rather than channel your anger, turn it into inspiration to better yourself each and everyday, because the mortal reality is that each sunrise could lead to our final sunset. Peace, brothers and sisters.


In times of depression and sadness, I often turn to one of my favorite artists of all time, Tupac Shakur. Here’s a song that keeps me inspired to live on each and every day.


Tribute Throwback: Life Does Indeed Go On

“We both gotta die, but you chose to go before me …” -2Pac in “Life Goes On”

This day in history: September 13, 1996, Tupac Amaru Shakur was killed. Lost he was, but his legacy continues 16 years and millions upon millions of tears later. As Tupac himself said, “Life Goes On”. Let’s, rather than mourn his loss, celebrate his life, poetry, and passion for hip hop. Enjoy!

2Pac – “Life Goes On”

Guardian Angel: Fred Lane The Revelator

Today, I present to you, Fred Lane The Revelator. He is a Christian Hip Hop artist that I had the opportunity to meet at a show in Philadelphia, Pa. He is a humble man who is doing his best to share his art and spread the Good Gospel. We spoke not too long ago, and I had the chance to ask him a few questions about his music and current direction.

Fred Lane The Revelator, a Philadelphia based artist, seeks to reach and inspire the masses to live a more Christ-like life by using his mind, his soul, and his microphone.

Lane first recognized his talent in its infancy when he and some friends sat at sectioned off tables writing rhymes during lunchtime in the second grade. He officially began rapping in 2000 under his real name, Fred Lane. He was into hardcore hip hop and was influenced by a lot of the old school legends such as: Big L, Big Pun, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Big Daddy Kane, Mos Def, Kool G Rap, and Jay Z, just to name a few.

During this time, Lane had “strayed away from the Lord.” After a while, he decided he wanted to be saved. He also had a friend who needed to be saved, and he believed he could help him. Unfortunately, his friend was killed before he had the chance. Lane vowed that he’d never let another soul go if it was in his power to do so.

“I had a vision from the Lord, in the middle of my sleep,” Lane said. “I was driving down the street in his car when it changed into a nicer car. I got out near a school and saw a blue light coming to me really slow. It hit me, and my wardrobe changed into really nice white clothes, with the number “1” in the middle. When I spoke, tornadoes came out and I had power.”

Lane said he knew the vision was from God. A lady told him that God sent him that message so that he would utilize his talents in His holy name. It was difficult for him to adjust because at the time, he was doing hardcore hip hop, which can potentially be vile and very aggressive. However, Lane knew inside that he had to change his style and “spit for the Lord.”

Once saved, Lane removed all traces of his old music, going so far as to burn his notebooks. He believed he needed a fresh start. He began using the moniker Fred Lane The Revelator. Lane provided the Bible scripture, from 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

“When Abram accepted God, he became Abraham. I needed a brand new start. When you revelate, you speak the hidden things and reveal the truth,” Lane said.

Lane described the transition from his hardcore lifestyle to a more Christ-like lifestyle as evolving from eating fast food.

“It’s like McDonald’s. You eat it and it’s good to you because it’s all you know. Then you try something better and don’t want McDonald’s anymore,” Lane said.

Lane’s mission is to use his lyrical ability to relate to the masses and portray a lifestyle through Christ. After losing his friend, Tino aka MastarMind, it became his vocation to shepherd souls to the greener pastures within the shelter of God’s grace, thus Soul Winner Entertainment was born.

Lane has not limited his audience, which is contrary to most artists who have defined styles and aim their craft at a particular demographic.

“[My targeted audience is] everybody, every demographic, saved and unsaved. Jesus Christ is Lord. God has your back. Rich or poor, only God can quench your thirst,” Lane said. “There is nothing wrong with being a Christian. You can still be you, [just] without the negativity.”

Lane, being influenced by the greats of yesteryear, appreciates the true artistic value of hip hop. He is somewhat discouraged by the current state of hip hop. Of the popular mainstream artists, he could only name one artist he enjoys.

“[I like] Meek Mill for Philly, but nobody really,” Lane said. “They’re accepting that fast food.”

Lane did not limit his displeasure to just mainstream hip hop. Even Christian hip hop falls short of his expectations.

“A lot of Christian hip hop is corny. I felt like I had to do it,” Lane said.

Lane uses negativity in this world to inspire his positivity. He said that there are so many big buildings, a lot of big money, but there are homeless people getting stepped over. There’s a better way. He uses his music to create optimism.

He is currently working on an album titled “A Sinner’s Prayer”. The date has yet to be announced. His current work can be found on Twitter and Youtube. Links will be provided. He performs at Relish, a club in North Philadelphia. Look him up and enjoy his music.

“Be original,” Lane said. “When you dig inside yourself, and you pull that jewel out, that’s what’s [going to] make you shine. God gave every man a gift. If you try to mimic someone else’s gift, you’ll always be second ranked. Reach inside yourself and dig out the treasure.”

Fred Lane The Revelator

Twitter: @215TheRevelator

YouTube: AceStacks